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About Me

I was born and grew up in Tokyo, Japan, and came to the United States in 1998. I live in Oakland, California, with my husband and two cats. I studied ceramic art privately with a friend who taught at Palo Alto Art Center, CA, from 2000 - 2008. Since then, I've continued to refine my skills and craft. I've been a member of The Potters' Studio in Berkeley, CA, since 2014 and also worked as a board director from 2016-2021. In addition, I am currently organizing pottery education opportunities between the United States and Japan. 

I'm known as a Tomobi Floral Art event florist owner from 2002-2022. 



Floral design





Tomoko Ceramics

2016 - present




Tomobi Floral Art 

2002 - 2022


Owner. Floral Design for Weddings, Special Events, and Parties. 


Ambiance Floral Studio

1998 - 2002


I worked as a floral design manager. I designed and organized weddings, corporate events, and private parties.

Worked at a corporation company in Japan.


My style 
I love handmade things because they feel special and warm. Creating a unique object is precious to me, and I want to share that feeling with people.

My ceramic art concept is simple, delicate, unique, and modern ( influenced Japanese culture) functional designs that bring fun for people to use.

My artwork is 100% handmade, mostly using the throwing wheel and slab that does not have industrial or machine-made perfection. Small imperfections are the quality of my handmade pieces and shape their beauty. 

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